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Custom Ballpoint Pens

Custom Ballpoint Pens

Custom Ballpoint Pens - Eata Gift

Product Description

The ballpoint pen, a widely used writing instrument, is designed to bring smooth and effortless writing experience. This portable tool consists of a slender, cylindrical barrel that houses the essential components. At the tip of the pen is a small metal sphere, typically made of tungsten carbide or stainless steel. The ball is precisely engineered to rotate freely within a socket, allowing ink to flow onto the paper as it rolls. One of the distinguishing features of a ballpoint pen is its versatility across various writing surfaces. It performs remarkably well on both traditional paper and modern alternatives like glossy or textured surfaces. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for everyday use, whether it's jotting down quick notes, or completing important documents.


  • Various styles of ballpoint pens to choose from.
  • Support wholesale and customization service.
  • Fluent writing.

Decoration Methods

Custom Ballpoint Pens - Full-color Wraparound Printing

Full-color Wraparound Printing

Full-color wraparound printing refers to a printing technique that involves applying a high-resolution, full-color design or image onto the entire surface of an object or product, typically in a way that the design wraps around the entire item seamlessly.

Characteristics: This method suits for printing multi-color patterns or images. It is commonly used for various promotional and branding purposes and is especially prevalent in the field of packaging, where it can create eye-catching and immersive product presentations. Common examples of products that frequently utilize full-color wraparound printing include beverage labels, product packaging, cylindrical containers, and promotional merchandise.

Custom Ballpoint Pens - Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a precise and versatile method of etching or marking objects by using a focused laser beam to remove or alter the surface material.

Characteristics: This method presents the original color of the surface material, so it offers a single-color look. The process can create highly detailed and permanent marks, designs, or inscriptions on a wide variety of materials, including metal, wood, plastic, glass, ceramics, leather, and more.

Custom Ballpoint Pens - Transfer Printing

Transfer Printing

Transfer printing is a versatile printing method used to apply designs, images, or graphics onto various surfaces, such as textiles, ceramics, and promotional items like ballpoint pens. It involves transferring a design from one medium (usually a specialized transfer paper or film) to the target material through the application of heat and pressure.

Characteristics: Transfer printing is valued for its ability to reproduce intricate and colorful designs with high resolution and durability. It’s applied in various industries, including apparel, promotional products, home decor, and personalized gifts, enabling businesses and individuals to add a personal touch or branding to a wide range of items. This method is widely used to print plastic pens.

Custom Ballpoint Pens - Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing, also known simply as screen printing, is also a versatile and widely used printing technique that involves transferring ink through a mesh screen onto a substrate, such as fabric, paper, plastic, glass, or metal.

Characteristics: Silk screen printing is valued for its ability to produce vibrant, durable, and high-quality prints with excellent color saturation and detail. Its versatility and longevity have made it a popular choice for both commercial and artistic purposes. This method fits metal pens better.

Custom Ballpoint Pens - UV Printing

UV Printing

UV printing, also known as ultraviolet printing or UV inkjet printing, is a modern printing technology that uses ultraviolet light to cure or dry inks immediately as they are applied to a substrate. This rapid curing process offers several advantages over traditional printing methods and has found applications in various industries.

Characteristics: UV printing has become increasingly popular in industries such as packaging, label printing, point-of-purchase displays, promotional products, and more. Its ability to deliver high-quality, durable, and versatile prints with minimal environmental impact makes it a preferred choice for many printing applications. This method is especially suitable to print gradient and multi-color logos.

Types of Ballpoint Pens We Provide

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    Quality Products

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